Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pop goes the iPhone!

The iPhone 3 G Launch and blast, it rips off 'Flop' show. Apple had made a great hype with the long awaited wait for the official launch. However, most of the young people had already got in the cracked version (ugh, did Apple know this?) and looking forward to this or just upgrade it for a few bucks was easier, isn't it? Well, the pricing is too high with the digits rolling higher as we all know - costing 8 GB is Rs.31000/- and 16 GB version for Rs.36000/-. The iPhone is choice of techies, the rich kids and savvy entrepreneurs. And than, one never knows - your iPhone can raise your bill to 25% - all coz of phone's internet surfing capabilities. Vodafone gives 250 MB and 600 MB data usage free per month on a plan of Rs.799 and Rs. 999 whereas Bharti Airtel offers free 500 MB per month on iPhone specific plans that will have basic rent of Rs.600 per month.

And ask me, what do I do with my iPhone? - all is a quick check on the facebook, a listen to ipod or click for a pic and feel happier seeing some pics - a chat here n there and sms to fill up a day. Would I go for a next pic and sure, it would be a Blackberry Pearl and upcoming Android.

Btw, Wired Magazine asked 2,600 iPhone 3G users around the world to contribute 3G performance numbers from their localities. The survey revealed network weaknesses. According to Wired, the carriers are to be blamed and not Apple. One analyst firm has suggested that the problems were due to bad hardware from Infineon. Other pundits suggested a firmware issue which they say Apple attempted to fix with the last update. The fastest 3G speeds were being reported on T-Mobile's networks in Europe, while Australian carriers Optus and Virgin reported the slowest 3G speeds.

Ask for our speeds? You just Guess! And yeah, by the time you wait for the browser to open, it happens that I always get 20% battery left......or just 10% - all at the end of the day!

Anyways, if you a Connexion junkie. You are sure to find a post coming soon here.

- ilaxi

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