Friday, August 29, 2008

World Gujarati Conference

The three day World Gujarati Conference in NJ is gonna be the largest meeting of any regional Communities across the world. 'Chalo Gujarat', an initiative by AIANA led by the Chairman Sunil Nayak organises the second edition where more than 35,000 Gujaratis across the world are estimated to attend. Narendra Modi will once again address the international Gujarati convention via video conferencing from his Gandhinagar based residence on 31st August, 5.00 pm IST. His satellite speech will be simultaneously web-casted through internet. Saurabh Patel, Energy Minister of Gujarat will represent Gujarat government in ‘Chalo Gujarat’ convention. Two specially developed mascots — ‘Mani’ and ‘Harry’ — will graphically introduce the exhibition. While Mani is a Gujarati girl, Harry is a Gujarati boy living abroad. You can read more on this on the Express website. Here's my earlier post on this.

No wonder, 'જ્યાઁ વસે ગુજરતી, ત્યાઁ વસે ગુજરાત' - One thing just baffles me - the title ' Chalo Gujarat ' - Thank god those who have gone out of Gujarat want to at least say 'Chalo Gujarat' and hopefully, bring in more people to join their Chalo Gujarat theme. For sure, NRGs are moving ahead to make waves to bring Gujarat in the map on top of the world with its social, culture, traditions and economy. The CM knows too well how to reach people even if Visa is not granted. But than, the only aim is 'Apnu Gujarat' - why even Ratan Tata has been invited to set up Nano plant here in Gujarat - a place he should have chosen! Let's cross fingers for resident Gujaratis and non resident gujaratis to work wonders for Gujarat under the leadership of NM.

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