Friday, October 17, 2008

Struggle to survive - Poverty

How would you eradicate Poverty? And, the question keeps burning with a lot debate, views, suggestions and posts at Blog Action Day website and Kidsfreesouls. You can be a part of the question, "Is poverty root to war? Or, Is root of war, Poverty?

Btw, I happened to get into Interactive session with Sam Pitroda on his visit to GCCI for a Lecture on Knowledge Economy. I found him a good orator but my question still lingers on my mind - will poverty lead to a bigger war - a struggle, frustrations, seperations, injustice, ego hurts, losing self esteem....all the inner war leading to some to crime....A war with self, war with human values, humans....What do you say? Do post in your comments on the recent Global Crisis.

This might find interesting for nrgs as here's a newly formed GCCI-NRG coming up online and you now have a great platform for all your business enquiries/queries.

btw, extremely alarming is that Gujarat is classifed under the 'Alarming' category in the severity of Hunger Index with a score of 24.7 and with over 200 million people who are food insecure, India is the home to the largest number of hungry people in the world. You can find more on this here on India State Hunger Index. However, the Gujarat Govt. dismiss this as 'Humbug' as the Minister of State for Food and Civil Supply challenges the organisation which has conducted this survey and he's ready to be answerable if this is proved correct.

The Nano Project is coming and the Eco friendly car is already rolled from Rajkot, can we expect Hunger in Gujarat? No ways....

One never knows what future bestows with current economy fall - even the top most Builders and a Doctor, I hear, have lost crores in Stock...everything can be uncertainties!!!

Btw, stay tuned to Kidsfreesouls for more to come...there has been a great concerns with Global crisis and even parents who advice teachers to teach children How to Manage Crisis as there's been conflicts, seperations and so on.

- ilaxi

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Alex said...

Trying to understand a true cause of poverty, I surfed the web reading various point of views and different opinions, until I stumbled upon a group of people, who in my opinion knows a cause of the problem and has a solution for it.
Look what they write in their article:
“Some people try to fix things through external actions, such as handing out food or donating money, but this only scratches the surface while blurring the true source of the problem. If we don’t fix our egoistic nature, we haven’t really fixed anything. The imbalances will keep growing, the problems will worsen, and the suffering will affect more and more people until no one will be able to escape. Eventually, the suffering will be so extreme that we will be forced to realize that all our problems are caused by one thing—our egoistic nature. Full article here