Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mujhe meri biwise bachao

Here's the great news from guys who gasp for breath saying 'Mujhe meri biwise bachao' - Well, the story of Dilip Patel in AM, Toi features a book by Manoj Joshi, Author of a Gujarati book - પતિની તરફેણમાઁ કોર્ટોના (પત્ની વિરુદ્ધ) ચુકાદાઓ “કેસીસ ઇન ફેવર ઓફ હસબન્ડ.” What so interesting is, the book lists out 2500 cases where men have filed for divorce and won verdits in their favour. As it charts out, the reasons for which Divorce is sought by the man is:

> If wife spoils husband's image
> Insults him before his friends
> Taunts him for not performing well in b - e - d
> Calls him Ravan, butcher....the like words
> Doesn't prepare meals on time

Manoj Joshi is a High Court Advocate who has sold 25000 copies in four months since it was published. Readers have found it informative, eye opener, hilarious, sensational and even shocking and downright 'provocative'. Manoj Joshi has to his credits 22 books and is an expert in his field writing topics which include Hindu marriage Act, Adoption and maintenance. He has his best skills writing in subject matters as matrimony and divorce.

Well, there it goes. I had heard about 'Husband Morcha' against atrocities by wives and they sorted for justice some years ago. And sure, heard of a lot of cases of men being harassed by women and vice-versa. However, the highest problems are foreseen with the newer generation and especially NRIs - men who are scared of their wives threatening to complaint 911 and many parents are stranded back home! For them, this seems to be 'Home sweet Home' to get the right justice as I think no stringent law of lords apply here as Hindu Marriage Act safeguards interest of the couple in general and do offer justice someway.

Well, now I guess even I need to be too alert and prepare meals on time instead of hanging on the net.....A cook is no solution, after all:-)

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