Saturday, November 29, 2008

Politics behind Terrorism!

As terror strikes once again with a date 26, it is with deep agony to realize the state of a nation in doldrums who can't face crisis management! Shattering to see the truth, it saddens our hearts as we see continual terror reigning supreme to bring havoc. Who could be the souls behind this? Whoever, but the attacks were primarily aimed at the foreigners! We cannot go deep into terror mayhem but here's Fareed Zakaria's views on who they can possibly not be - not a Deccan Mujahideen nor Al Quaeda! He says, "My sense is that for the last several years, the core of Al Qaeda—Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri—has been very weak. This seems more like a Kashmiri, Lashkar kind of thing."

Well, as New York Times adds a story today on Narendra Modi and Political shifts, here to watch for political wave this crisis may India's political landslides. The newspaper headlines in India also focus on bigger issues saying, “It is time we stop our political parties from using terror — Hindu or Muslim — to fuel their popularity when they are fueling a fire that can consume India,” (front-page editorial in The Hindustan Times and Indian Express). You can keep updates with Kidsfreesouls Google search here and check on MJ bylines too. Politicians and they indeed can be said - Endangered species - Keep away from all the four P's - Press, Police, Politician and Priest!

Terrorist have no religion nor are they humans as their acts speak more of their wrong deeds which angers the whole nation-world. More than these terrorists, is the threat of a Nuclear terrorism, which is a top fear and this is worst that we can only shudder to think.

Our hearts go out to the souls who lay fighting for terror and may there be light, peace prevail.

- ilaxi

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