Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Navratri festival and Gujarati Bloggers:stay connected

Bingo! The Navratri festival begins with great enthu and I spotted our CM with his opening speech a bit nervous and scared...would he be? I wonder...However, later he spoke as usual, 'Terrorism divides, Tourism Unites.' Spotted was L K Advani, Vajubhai Vala, Ashok Bhatt, Adani and many, many...The University area is just around so bubbling and trafficky with all that glitter and glamour on the new 132 ring road where the Vibrant Gujarat, Navratri Festival , 2008 at University ground is held. At least the road is well lit and if the govt wants, there can be speedy work - at His Highness Service! Good, isn't it?

Here's Navratri Page in Culture pages on Kidsfreesouls. Also find the Eid page and all about the Banned Books week.

Well, Tarun Patel, an Educator from Vallabh Vidyanagar has launched, a blogging community focused on the Bloggers from Gujarat. On GujaratiBloggers, Tarun posts the profiles of bloggers who are from Gujarat. Also he has started building a list of blogs maintained by Gujarati people.

Since the launch of this community, Tarun has posted more than 40 Blogger profiles. My profile is also available on GujaratiBloggers, you can have a look there. With GujaratiBloggers community Tarun wants to build the biggest network of Bloggers from the land of Gandhi and Sardar. "This community will give a common platform to the bloggers who have been trying to keep alive the Gujarati culture online", says Tarun.

Many of you are already listed and it's a pleasure to see all and know about Gujarati bloggers scaling higher. If you have a blog and want your profile to be featured on GujaratiBloggers community, send answers to the following questions at

1. Please write 5-8 lines about you, your education and your hobbies.
2. When did you start your first blog?
3. Why do you write blogs?
4. How does blogging benefits you?
5. Which is your most successful blog?
6. Which is your most favorite blog? Why?
7. Can Tarun share your email id so that people can write to you? Y / N

You can send your answers along with your photograph to Tarun. Also you can submit your blog details to by filling a form here.

Enjoy being Listed and Staying Connected.

- ilaxi

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