Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Recently, I read the Time Magazine (Asia) and what interested me was the topic 'Global Business': Fishing for the News:Multinational media conglomerates are eager to snag a share of India's tumultuous newspaper market. Are the outsiders just treading water?

Now, a lot of competitive strategy is being adopted among newspapers. Too many players may wind up chasing too few customers. For the present, Competition for reporters and other staff has pushed up labor costs for existing newspapers, and huge marketing expenditures threaten to eat into profit margins - at this juncture, foreign investment sooner or later would be potential competition entering into Indian newspapers. Whatever be, will be, will be - the future is black and white. Technology has set in pace and not only print media, television media too faces a hefty competition round the globe. It's time some newspapers Editors call for "ombudsman" to investigate news reports and listen to caller complaints or reader complaints/letters and combat smugness. If there is no ombudsman, I feel the senior editors must be personally accountable to readers and the public - Unfortunately, power rules but no more with internet media, afterall!


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