Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gujarat - mine, yours, ours

Kaun Banega PM? The race continues as Voting in Gujarat ends! What was impressive was that elderly people were seen most concerned as they came to vote at the polling booth. Interesting was to see phones buzzing among the youth who rang up and talked to each other about the Elections and Mr. Modi. Another thing I felt was, the wave of Modi mania that created an air of election campaign that was never before. Even the Television channels for the whole day focused on Elections and CM Narendra Modi seemed to be the 'Talk of the Nation.' - whatever the debate was and among the heat of word wars was amusing admiration for him!

Well, whatever will be, will be...the future is sara, sara! Anyways, the state has progressed with all round development - Gujarat has maintained an incredible growth rate of 13 per cent. Ane 'Apnu Gujarat' is truly 'maru, tamaru and sarva nu Gujarat' - and the dream of the Narendra Modi to see Gujarat on Top of the World is our dream too....Isn't it?

Watch the Headlines Today Interview I mentioned in earlier post - on You Tube here. Also part one here. And here's Congratulations to the Best CM - 5th time!

- ilaxi

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