Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unique Stadium in Ahmedabad

Rain Proof Stadium for Ahmedabad - Good news, isn't it? India's first Sports and Entertainment complex is under development with completion period by 2010. It will have around 33000 permanent seats, a cable supported retractable roof which would be operational by a mere push of a button and the structure to be decorated with art. The State govt. MoUs with a London based company and this stadium will include a football ground and an entertainment arena at the cost of Rs.200 crore.

I hear, the facilities are 'All Purpose' - Sports and just sports with Entertainment too! I wonder, is Cricket to be as 'Top Game' or is Football (soccer) to be major attraction now as most of the Cricketers are busier as ever with ADs and social campaigns. Anyways, this is indeed a good move and we do look forward for our Youth to be more Sports buff than just having fun frolicking around.

Indeed, Gujarat is changing for good and the difference is just seen and will be more felt in coming years. Why even filmstars like Priety Zinta hopes that CM Narendra Modi becomes the PM of India!

- ilaxi

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