Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Niel Patel, an SEO prove his talents as he challenged SEO criticisms made by Jason Calacanis some time ago. Niel Patel had given open challenge to the co founder of Weblogs Inc and the GM of Netscape Jason Calcanis. Niel challenged to prove that he could boost search-driven traffic on the Calacanis site by a minimum of 10 percent within 30 days of making the changes to the site. With over
7,449 search engine hits within just a 5-day span, Patel has been able to prove a 21 percent increase in traffic on the site. And that’s with only around 10 percent of the SEO changes. In a phone interview with Webpronews, Patel had this to say about the changes:

Another interesting thing is the Analytical report of google and I am quite aware as I find a considerable increase in my traffic rank since last many months. I guess any good person with great contents, average good design, great deal of seo tactics and implementing search strategies can reach to a milestone with high traffic as well as rolling with revenue too.

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- ilaxi

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