Monday, November 26, 2007

Awesome Diwali celebrations and still going on! That's our Apnu Amdabad - A heaven on earth, you can call! Endless festive celebrations and endless marriages - bethaks n sangeet sandhyas n all that goes upto after marriage ceremonies!

And the best part for me was, listening to the best humor of our CM Narendrabhai Modi at the GCCI Diwali meet at Rajpath club. I've met him and heard him a couple of times but this speech had too amazing shots - you got to be present to believe it coz the media is only going to show empty chairs in the newspapers - a rosy picture you can create any time 'As you like it'. A great sense of humor and bold allegations, ask any business person present there and all smiles goes the answer, 'Lage raho, Narendrabhai.'

Btw, what's your say? Is any one capable to be a CM in his place? Post a guess name and we can wait to c who wins the elections!
Not much to say further, here's goes the Hi and thanksgiving day at kidsfreesouls with the added Literature pages and lots more....Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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