Friday, January 05, 2007

As the new year 2007 rolls down the web lane, here is Best Idea I can pass on to all who are interested:-)

Best Resolution to Make for 2007

Do More than Exist
Do More Than Touch
Do More Than Look
Do More Than Hear
Do More Than Listen
Do More Than Think
Do More Than Talk
Say Something

Hmm..And now, for the stars to give to all Gujarati Bloggers, I quit voting coz I really appreciate all efforts on part of all bloggers especially those who are writing their own posts and coming out with their own creations, own design & ideas and above all, encouraging others to write in gujarati too...A unity to form a one big community remains when there is no competition, no push n pull method but a genuine posts, written with bottom of the heart. After all, search engines do see the results and yeah, as far as I know, gujarati people have one message board of SV on the web - If we really have to vote, why leave this board aside? SV deserves a star for the only Gujarati message board! I would rate for all bloggers and yeah, readers too!
Btw, here is a help file for readers on 'How to write in Gujarati' on the web. Here is your chance to Blog online and earn too:-)
Enjoy Blogging, Enjoy reading, Resolve to keep the unity!
- ilaxi

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