Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Global Investors' summit 2007 has taken the CM Narendra Modi's Govt. to higher grounds with the Big B's and who's who in town, shaking hands for a Vibrant Gujarat. Well, we vision a new Gujarat, a mega city in real true sense (What can we say of city roads in Ahmedabad?)

Anyways, here's my poetry 'Stranger in Disguise' selected by Voicesnet - and as I continue writing the blogs and websites, it's a welcome to send your poetry to be listed on kidsfreesouls.com - Maybe, you can be the Poet of the Year 2007 on kidsfreesouls! However, I admit, I do not believe in competitions nor winning on web but in the process, I guess it's learning and achieving while we strive to do so. You may check to read 'Stranger in Disguise' at kidsfreesouls and do send me your feedback too.

Cheers! n enjoy Life.

- ilaxi

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