Sunday, September 23, 2007

There, it's Sunita Williams all the way here and in the minds of Children. A parent told me that her child was going to Interview Sunita Williams and she's gonna ask her how she got her inspirations. A question I quipped in the class and they all spoke her name with a bang and spelt the word 'Astronaut' correctly while they find mistakes in spellings of many other words. As these children here are so inspired by Sunita Williams, I wonder if Suni too need to get inspired by these kids here.

The reason is, Sunita Williams clarified and regretted, she cannot speak Gujarati or Hindi inspite of her roots here. Whereas the kids over here are Jack of all Trades - they learn (rathar schools and parents too teach them) Gujarati, Hindi, English and even go for Spanish, French, etc. learning.

And well, our Gujarat University here seems to lack knowing proper Gujarati! There seems to be lot of mistakes in a Certificate given to Suni - ugh, oh, now I guess I need not fear of making those rasvai-dirghai and all those spelling blunders I make while I write the Shabd Preet - Relax me, GU makes mistakes, so I am apt to;-)

- ilaxi

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