Friday, September 28, 2007

No wonder, a Health Policy is definitely required for the teenagers and young bubbling IT Guys who stress out blinking in front of the computers whole day long! The IT and BPO Life is taking a toll with the tough schedule causing sleepless days n nights, mental stress, depression and even psychiatric problems apart from many other real health and social hazars. As such, the Union Health and IT Minister is setting to form a special Health Policy for the BPO sector and a conference is supposed to be held in Bangalore for the IT sector reps.

Hmm...I been redesigning and sure is a long way to go - However, slow but steady ever win the race! If not, reach somewhere half the way;-) As I experience, I know, It sure is a good idea for a Health Policy for IT buffs cos working 24x7 calls to check on health. My Book Guardian of Angels has some concerns on kids using computers 'Is computing safe for kids?' - I wonder if the parents and educationists understand what it means to be 3-5 hours being on social networking sites! Afterall, schools here do not have the online assignments nor are the teachers savvy - Are they???

- ilaxi patel

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