Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The television and news reflect the story of Adnan and Orkut. It was in 2006 when Rupert Murdoch swooped in to buy MySpace, paying $580 million, Wall Street suddenly got the idea to line up for social networking. Face Book and Orkut has headed to get popular and I find almost all teenagers in town has made an avatar and a profile on such Social Networking sites including Flixter. They join becoz their friends have joined. I even see thousands of scraps and thousands of friends - Is that possible? I wonder. I can't understand how one can afford to waste three to four hours writing scraps! That to, to people you don't know! The 'He' may be 'She' and vice versa or 18 maybe 81 - who knows! Long way left outs are ICQs and Messenger chats. Every parent need to be alert for what purpose the kids are using the web and every school and teachers need to be careful while they make school sites and blogs with student comments - the search reveals the names and email ids!

Yeah, I do have my profiles here - At face book, it's the market place, at Orkut, there's all ex-students of Swagat, at My Space, the musicians who share staff notes and songs since I am a keyboard Player and at Flixter, Hi Fi, elsewhere, it's most about promoting websites.

Whatever, the New Mantra of Online Advertising is : "Advertise on social networking sites." 28 million Indians and the age group is 18-25 - a target audience with buying power. Content-specific advertisements have become a rage on networking sites like Orkut, Blogger, Linked In,TechTribe, Ryze, Flickr, MSN Live Spaces, Fropper and Facebook, which the advertisers are seeking to target as per the lifestyles of the younger generation. Here's Tech Crunch's Top Ten Social Networking websites-2006. And Here's the 2007 Top Social Networking sites Report. You may find the Internet Safety tips and links on - I guess, why the kids or teens - Even women and all of us need to follow the codes of conduct on web and Beware - Take care.

- ilaxi

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