Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whoever wins, one thing is just amazing - Even kids in gujarat were spotted asking this Election day, 'Who are you going to vote?' Complete awareness of the voting rights and we found a many youth holding the finger of the aged and families together, voting yesterday! Jeetega bhai jeetega par chak de kaun karega - remains to be seen.

Well, all waged war of words and for the CM, it goes, 'It's all only words and words are all I have to take your heart away'. Especially, before the big day, he was spotted asking the crowd, 'will you do satnarayan puja to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'No', 'will you do hanuman chalisa to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'no', 'will you go walking to Ambaji to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'no', So then, will you go to vote and crowd shouts, 'Yes' - wow, this is called spreading Awareness of Right to Vote:-)

Change Attitude, change life. Who says, Gujarat people are'nt aware? Do media need to
show those empty chairs or held the CM responsible for price rise of oil and vegetables in gujarat? Or even, go to the extent of writing that women are not safe here...No ways, you can fool people some of the time, you cannot fool people all the time!

- ilaxi

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