Sunday, December 23, 2007

CM Narendra Modi has emerged to be one of the tallest leaders with a sure, confident win and it's all bouquets of roses. BJP is itself a Structural Political Party and into Collective performance. Nevertheless, 'The speed of the Boss is the speed of the team!' So, it was a sure win like Narendrabhai said, "I am the CM and will remain CM" - For Me, CM means a common man." BJP's won the match and Narendrabhai is the 'Man of the Match.' Merchants of Death remark of Sonia Gandhi will go down in History which has no effects on the poll results. No voter, especially Gujaratis are no fools and they know the CM, who is popular in the state, national and international level can just 'do it' - as he says, my Gujarat is my 'atma' and my India is 'my Parmatma' as he defines and knows his goals too well. It's been a historic day for Indian democracy. Also, a turning point for National politics and even a security alert to the CM.

Victory does not remove the blot or invalidate all that happened during the post-Godhra riots under his Chief Ministership. A second win can be justified but he sure needs to do Justice with all common man equal alike with no religious barriers. Future is all yours to behold!

As I congratulate the CM, it all the Great Expectations of the aam gujarati for a better living and peaceful Gujarat as it's been for the last many years.

Here's the site coming with updates of the CM and you can watch all the videos too. Esp. on Terrorism. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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