Thursday, March 01, 2007

Amidst a critical opposition, the Budget is finally set to route the chart map of Rising India. As crystal clear, the Industry experts are disappointed with the decoded budget of Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. Though, there is good to forsee with the pharma, chemicals, petrochemicals, gems and jewellery and Textiles, there is reduction in duties and vision for more job opportunities in sectors of Pharma and Textiles, the MAT is sure to hit the export units. For the Education, smiles takes to miles. Primary to higher education and that's paying more 1% cess, however, there is positive view with more fundings for IT Education and promoting Gandhian philosophy by setting aside 30 crores budget plans. However, there is no positive action towards IT business as on the charts. As to human consumption, I think FM has totally ignored the spiralling prices of commodities and given more importance to the prices of foodstuff meant for pets and dog food!

Also there is no special benefit to Non Resident Indians, but the increase the threshold limit of exemption in the case of a senior citizen is a good idea for NRIs. There are now provisions for NRI investors as consideration of PAN as identification for financial transaction is a better option.

I guess, the view points always vary - What the budget reveals is a sweet n bitter taste to digest. Only important for a common person is to meet the daily demands of roti-kapda-makan but if this is not fulfilling, no budget is perfect or rathar, can be perfect as long as poverty is seen across the lanes.

- ilaxi

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