Friday, April 27, 2007

On the recent World Book Day, there has been a record number of people reading books with top on the list mentioned by a local newspaper which has books like Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights, Great expectations, Bible, etc. What is missed is the rich English Literature. Now, who would mention on Gujarati rich Literature when even English medium schools lag behind English Literature - hardly able to celebrate World Book Day and remember Shakespeare!

Well, I have a couple of Shakespeare books but the most easier for children and a must in Library shelf are Cherrytree books "Shakespeare for Everyone" by Jennifer Mulherin and Illustrations by George Thompson (As You Like It (Shakespeare for Everyone Series)). If Shakespeare plays are performed in the classroom, children may understand the story and its character.

I have a couple of thousands Archies and comic books in my library and like every year, organized an "Archie & Comics Day" with open reading participants for all children 1-7th std. It's time to encourage kids for reading as this is one activity that has taken a back-seat and most of the parents opt for summer activities like sports, music, drawing or math workshop. Even majority of parents do not find time for reading. There may be exceptions but most of the time, it's a show biz "I read a robin sharma" or I read..blah blah...

Btw, what do you read?

- ilaxi

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