Friday, February 09, 2007

Heard this? Proposals to install the close circuit cameras at busy traffic junctions of the city and the project is rolling to the final stage! CCTV - The secret electronic detective and officials claim that a few hidden cameras installed at four junctions stretching from Usmanpura to Ellisbridge Junction on Ashram Road and other two at kankaria lake, will report of incidents recorded on camera and serve as evidence in the court as well. These cameras will add value as in case of terrorist attacks or traffic management. These cameras can tilt, zoom, or whatever...The total project will be costed Rs.1.65 crores as a part of the mega city project.

Ugh, now I think, like the serials of Ekta Kapoor, we are so used to listening of projects in Crores only. And yeah, will these Cameras take the zoomed pics of the beggars on the road? Some time ago, Devki of Radio Mirchi mentioned during her radio show and I actually witnessed - A lady in a car waited for the traffic signal to give way, ignored a beggar girl at the cross roads of Stadium circle and whoaaa....the irritated beggar girl pulled the women out of the car and scratched her face - Hmmm, this can make a whole difference for the mega city govt to look to issues of poverty too! After all, with so many credit card companies tempting people to get attracted to make the buys at mega malls and super markets - there may be an increase...who knows! What do you say?

- ilaxi

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