Friday, March 25, 2005

Security threats? Nope, I am not talking about the security threats of CM who cancelled his UK visit but Web Security. Symantec found 17000 different types of viruses and worms as of 31st December. This means up 64 per cent from mid year! One of the fastest growing threat is from 'phishing' attacks which lure people to websites that appear to be owned by banks or other firms and dupe them into giving passwords, credit card numbers or other key information. Phishing...a growing serious problem and threat to exposure of confidential information. Many of these viruses are Trojan horses that install a programme that allows hackers to remotely access a computer and find passwords or monitor key strokes. Emails have virus threats but increasing is 'phishing' and attacks on servers and web applications.

Now, I read these two books long back and wrote the reviews. I share these with my readers. But believe me, Net isn't a safe place when it comes to buying on the Internet and for sure, this has always been my Tech read. You never know who's the prying eyes watching you from Hell (Or heaven? god knows!)

A chance glance read,'Google Hacks' at a local Bookstore, this one's not the cup of tea for a casual surfer. If one is an HTML expert and excel in scripting language, here's a pick and a cool read. It helps trying new ways to innovate, charges a hacker for productive and constructive use of web enhanced applications. I have a Google Developer Key for 'sambhaav' but never really knew how to use it and this book has tremendous info on the API application. Web Developers would benefit greatly with this book, no doubt, with tips on how to build and modify scripts that can be custom based application on google. This book, not for surfers or casual web designers like me but who indeed aware of Programming and using codes n scripts n perl n xml n what not! Google is an ultimate research tool and a great search engine with good ad words links I like - my fav nex to 'yahoo' search and sure, my websites feature top with key words 'net newspaper for kids' and sure, you find all stars. Google Hacks - a great read for all Web Developers.

Recently I heard the Al Zazira website being hacked! Kewl!!! I wonder, was the Firewall system so poor of such a big website? Picking up this one, Hacking Exposed reveals how high profile sites and e commerce sites are penetrated. The book has endless Network security details and provides indepth knowledge of Operating systems, network applications and devices. Though it may motivate to educate Hackers, this book if seen on positive side, helps one to understand the security flaws in general that occur to hinder the website performances. System Administrators and Top Net Executives need to read the books to get 'Security Alert' & safeguard their interest to prevent any vulnerability. Administrative procedures help defeat from hack attacks to systems and counter measures make it ineffective.Techniques to hacking are exposed and breaking into telephony, firewalls systems etc. the various topics covered up.The Book Exposes what's really happenning on Network - Though for a common surfer its just a passing read but very useful to Tech buffs and interesting read to students who would be interested to know the way of the Wizard Networking. In Process of reading, one gets to be aware of how to use Hacking software but to the defensive point to take measures to point of protection. Normally not much into Technical reading, I recommend this book as a very good piece if you really wanna know the 'Hack Game' - Enjoy the Read!

Btw, Happy Holi and Happy Easter too!

- ilaxi

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