Monday, March 21, 2005

CM Narendra Modi spoke to an Indian-Americans audience over satellite telling them that a "disinformation campaign" was being launched to malign India. Modi asked Indians living in that country to act as ambassadors to counter the propaganda being launched by certain motivated groups having vested interests in defaming India. To a question on the visa denial issue from a participant in the US, Modi said "I have no reaction. I believe only in action".


And here comes the Action....!

The US is reconsidering the denial of visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, a leading Congressman and founder of India caucus group Frank Pallone said today. He said he would work to get Modi's visa restored."If there is difference of opinion, there should be a dialogue and not attempt to shut out a view point," Pallone said at a meeting convened by the Association of Indian Americans of North America. Modi addressed the meeting via satellite from Gandhinagar after he was denied the US visa. "The US government is reconsidering the case," he said adding, however, that he is not sure about the outcome. Pallone also stressed on the need for India to ensure that it maintains its secular character, saying that religious fundamentalism, whether Christian, Muslim or Hindu, has no place in the modern world.

No wonder, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at his address of 'Bharat Swabhimaan Rally' organised by the BJP here on the issue said, "I am not warning USA. But they should not forget that the frail looking Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi shook the foundation of the Britishers because of the insult". Any resemblance to Gandhiji?


one wanders....

- ilaxi

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