Thursday, March 24, 2005

It seems that in the case of CM Narendra Modi's visa refusal, the anti Narendra modi NRIs has played a major role - Namak ka karz chuka rahe hai! On the other hand big shots seem to be goofing around that Apna sikka hi khota hai phir US ko kya kehna! Mixed Opinions, diverse feelings! Well, well, the case of Visa refusal stands as an 'Insult' to the Sovereignty of the nation, US has persistently showed its 'Super Power' and definitely, this isn't an Individual issue but every Indian need to rise and say 'I am an an Indian and Proud to be an Indian' instead of allowing the Americans to make internal wars for which, they are super natural! Anyways, finally our Mr. Narendrabhai is going to UK and again, his past is like the 'Black Friday' as anti campaigns have started. Is there ever a word 'Forgiveness'- Mr. Papa Bush can only say this!


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