Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How oft parents ignore the Art of Parenting! In extreme cases, the result turns out to be today's Breaking story of a student on a killing rampage in Minnessota, Red Lake High School.

It's the nick of hour to Stop Kids from Crime, Stop them to be Criminals! An Italian Criminologist, Cesare Lombrose theorized that most criminals arise mainly from environmental conditions such as urban pressures, poverty and a poor home life. Kids, especially Teenagers who are negativistic, destructive, aggressive and delinquent have strong influence on others trapped under their unhealthy murkiness attitude. Crime is everywhere and so is corruption. The Mob frenzy in Gujarat Riots, directly or indirectly made many kids the victims of Crime. Let the Community flare influence last no long as they tremble in fear, shatter their faith and live in a state of anxiety with the environmental influence upon them. Let there be the right Parental influence, after all! Built the Pillars of character with No Political Influences!!!

Here's one of my Articles: Protect Kids from Crime-Stop them from being Criminals!

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