Monday, March 28, 2005

You think that US is trying to draw India into its global strategic plans by asking New Delhi to join the missile defence system? Do India and Pakistan need any more hi-tech, exorbitantly priced weapons for each other? Aren’t the nuclear bombs and missiles sufficient?


Well, US offers the F-16 Fighter planes but it might adversely have an impact on Indo-Pak relations. It seems to be a game of the Bush administration as clear as it intended to draw India into a strategic military relationship just as Pakistan had been involved in one for decades. CPM Politburea says "The fuelling of arms race between India and Pakistan with the sale of sophisticated weaponry to both countries suits the US interests perfectly as well as providing a good market for its arms manufacturers". Whatever be it, a game plan or a power sale, its upto to the Government to accept or refuse the Offer of US!

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