Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Recently, Mr. Vijay Mallya of UB group criticized our CM Narendrabhai Modi for not changing the age old rules on Prohibition in Gujarat and quipped at the IIM Ahmedabad Confluence 2005 that the Gujarat State is losing a huge chunk of revenue. The CM ignores the proposal and calls himself progressive, this being a mistake of the State Government and its failure to keep up with the times. Our CM told him that they have to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and cannot do away with prohibition.

Now, in the land of Gandhi, it’s quite obvious Gujarat Government has to let go the Rs.2,500 crore revenue and promote the alternate ways to preserve the culture and commit to take the great ideas of Bapu to reach to people through the audio version of My Experiments with the Truth. (At least, our Gandhiji took the trouble to speak the truth!) Whereas, Prohibition? well, one wonders - Really, there is Prohibition ? Let christmas come and its gonna be the Mega city culture in town and its sure gonna be tough to check the prohibition. Yeah, maybe like last year, a strict round of traffic police at cross roads, sniffing the stuff and thats it. Whatever, I think, Mr. Vijay Mallya is right in his way coz now, even the private parties has adopted the mega city style of celebrating functions with the hookas and casino n roulette tables. So why allow the under the table tactics for brands of alcohol that is freely available in town? UB Group has already stepped into the market with its brands....Isn't our CM aware of it? Well, god knows!


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