Sunday, December 04, 2005

The most influential Entertainers of the past century - The Beatles. George Harrison - Does this name strike a chord to you? Yeah, if you are a fan of Beatles, the rock n roll music would blast you to Cloud Nine! Though Ringo Starr has always been my fav in the Beatles band, George Harrison was the best with his 'My Guitar Gently weeps' - Today, thousands of people miss him as we remember this great star who died on 29th November due to Cancer! Here Comes the Sun was a number that made me hum all day long.

You know what? George Harrison became a lifelong devotee of Hindu religion, Krishna consciousness and Vedic philosophy! He had song writing talents and a great Guitar player. He did a large scale concert for the war torn Bangla deshi kids. Cloud Nine was Harrison’s most Beatlesque solo record.

George Michael - call him a gay and did you hear that he's gonna marry Kenny Goss, his boy friend? The news out and George is gonna change the gay world in UK!!! Who cares! A very different culture than Indians, indeed. But a role model he is as far as his singing goes and you can quip 'King George Michael'and hum all his songs. I've an Artist page if you're a fan of George Michael and a lot of pop n tops. You can listen to the tune of George's famous 'Careless Whisper' here on the site while you surf the pages.

I feel, we really miss the Sanjay Oza and Manhar Uddhas and the lot except that we grab an opportunity to hear them at a social function. Our taste varies and with the online radio stations, you can listen to my Launch cast and the very best songs in my list. I wonder, are there any gujarati or hindi Launch cast radios? Anyways, music is the speech of angels, whatever you listen.


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