Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nielsen/NetRatings done for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA)revealed recently that the percentage of Internet users visiting newspaper Web sites hit all-time highs in September. It says, Over 47.3 million people visited online newspapers that month, the largest rise in readership since the NAA began tracking online usage in January 2004. That represents 31.9 percent of all (US?) Internet users, up 15.8 percent from the same period last year.

Now, the best part on the web I feel is 'RSS Syndication' - Many of us do have the Copyright tags and the partial Creative commons Licence but inspite, Newspapers, websites and blogs go for the RSS Syndication and if you don't, you are apt to trail behind with generating Traffic and that means, losing on the traffic Revenue too!

Yahoo News offers dozens of RSS feeds you can read in My Yahoo! or using third-party RSS news reader software. With MY Yahoo, Newsgator, FeedDemon, Pluck and many other RSS Readers, the reach is into a one stop Read with no need to visit individual websites. Yahoo! News RSS feeds are also offering thumbnails of related photos for stories in RSS feeds, giving a richer news experience.

What I can't understand is their strategy in taking RSS feeds in their Yahoo News Category and still in Beta, Yahoo News do generate the RSS.xml code for news websites (sambhaav)/news Blogs for incorporating news but when the Yahoo news search for news and blogs is performed, the results land you to add to "My Yahoo" and yet, the site is not found in search! How very strange!!! I guess, Yahoo and Google are going super speeds with Beta version but its now to see how far their Projects run smooth!

Btw, the has faced a Technical snag and the server is undergoing some Upgrades, hence, I am really sorry for those who missed on the news for three days. Yeah, much worse, we missed out the impressions with the Revenues!!! That's the part of the Tech ....way to go.....

- ilaxi

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