Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Day before yesterday, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce in Ahmedabad had its Executive Committee and members meet with Narendra Modi, followed by dinner. As a biz person, actively involved with the Ladies wing committee, I happened to meet Narendrabhai who incidently belongs to my own native place 'Vadnagar'. A tech savvy CM and I happened to be told years ago that he surfs all newspapers early in the morning. At least, this had made us alert to update Sambhaav regularly lest we may not bear the fury of the CM.....!

During the speech to the Business persons, Narendrabhai in his usual expert orator skills mentioned about the developments in Gujarat.

One thing that strike the chord is what he said of the Economy rise with potentials towards more people entering into Gujarat, esp. Ahmedabad. The mega city is turning to glamour with Biz centers and Malls spawning visinity and the branded products are great attraction to consumers. Narendrabhai quoted the Narmada project and mentioned where once scooters use to go through the canal, its at least the water seen now. I guess its the Chimanbhai Patel and Keshudada's work left incomplete now covered by Modi Government. Am I right? Well, we the janta look for results and not who's who done it! Narendra bhai mentioned that any place you find, there is some development work in progress in Gujarat. (It's only city roads that give bumpy and ditchy rides! The car suspension is in danger whether you drive a wagor R or a Viva or Brand BMW/Mercedes)

Crowned with another Award glory recently, Narendrabhai mentioned of Travel Year 2006 and he's right when he mentions that Rajasthan has great places but in the whole of India, Gujarat has the most highest heritage spots. He beamed that the chamber should seriously consider its next meet at a place like Lothal - why, even I say, it can be Vadnagar:-) the place of Tansen, Tana Riri folktale. Another important mention was of Agro Processing and he called for all business persons to think over and find great developing areas in this field.

Now, whatever people say, this is a new gen CM who is always on the move with some Projects and winning hearts of people with his flawless Oratory skills and of coz, his management is excellent as his team work excel towards developing Gujarat. By next year and NRI comes to India, sure he sees the results! If not, meet our CM!

- ilaxi

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