Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Net Shopping's been 'The New Rage' recently as a Survey conducted by the Internet and Online Association of India shows 25 million Internet population are regular online shoppers.

-62% have shopped on the net for more than a year
-37% have started shopping online within the past one year
-67% gave tested shopping spree in last three months.

Now, an estimated 13% of the online Shopping community shops by using Credit Cards.
79% use the option of Cash on delivery, allowing greater comfort level in online transactions within the shopping populance. Books were the most sought after item on the net with 41% of the online population buying books during 2004-2005. It is noted that the major shoppers reside in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Well, now as per my knowledge, online shoppers are too reluctant to buy books at Amazon or any other Bookstores online! My report shows hardly any buyers of Books as sambhaav sells books 'In Association' to Amazon. Moreover, I feel that leaving a Credit card number is allowing the cyber crooks to get you hooked. The web is full of deceit! Dangers of online transaction is not new and recently, reports speak of a security breach at a US processing company which exposed more than 40 million credit card accounts to fraud. The security hole in the system got access to names, account numbers and card codes! CitiFinancial has also confessed that data on 3.9 million consumers has been 'misplaced'. The data stolen in the card system breach is eventually auctioned by Cyber crooks who put up hijacked accounts. Not to go more in details..If E-commerce has matured into Rs.1,180 crore Industry during 2004-2005, figures may speak varying in time to come or maybe more stringent cyber laws to be framed for safe surfing, safe shopping...what not!!!

- ilaxi

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