Monday, July 11, 2005

Here's a Recipe...Straight from the "Chef" Blossomsmile's Kitchen!

Make the Best of Everything!

Preparation-Preliminary - A fluffy white cloud can adorn a clear sky
with splendour or can clutter up your vision of the blue expanse. Again, a
grey cloud can cause you to get wet and irritate you, or it can make
earth refreshingly cool. Your choice defines what is best.


Make light of failure
Avoid pessimists and fault finders
Count your blessings
Enjoy Life
A vision of heaven

Method: Make failure an incentive to strive to do better.
Offer a deaf ear and blind eye to those who will not acknowledge the
cloud with a silver lining.
Remember a person without shoes is better off than one without feet.
Take time and pleasure in all you do even if it is eating a bread without
butter for breakfast.
Derive hope from saying, The Best is yet to come!

And yes, Best of friends too, yet to find, 'tis they come from heaven to
spread peace and joy on earth. Tis a cup of love blend with faith, trust
and all that is rosy and gold. Garnish your life with all the rich
flavours of love to relish the taste for a life time!!!

- ilaxi

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