Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter launches the book ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ on 16th July, Midnight. 70 children who won in pre-competitions were invited for the Book Launch, who grandly rode on horse carriages, entered the Edinburgh castle where they met the multimillionaire Author J.K.Rowling. She read a chapter from the book and than gifted the signed copy and had a grand party with the kids.

In this book, Harry is focused on what really it means to life : family, friends and love and has been portrayed more mature who has emotional connections.

Masterpiece of Satanic deception – that’s what Harry Potter series is said to be by the Pastors of the church. The Bible, in Acts 19:19 says “Many of those who also used curious arts brought their books together and burned them before all men; and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.” And is charging that and so are the Indian bookstores, I think. In 2001 and 2003, there are incidents of burning and cutting to pieces Harry Potter Books as Potter is a witchcraft and indeed inflicts the minds of the kids. The witchcraft theme do not jibe with the fundamentalist Christian teachings. Rowling has been the fourth most challenged Author of ‘Banned Books’ according to American Library Association from 1990 to 2004. These books do not have any moral lessons nor it says that lying and cheating are wrong.

Well, I run a children’s Library and encourage kids for reading but ugh oh, not Harry Potter! Though Harry Potter casts a spell in India, I do not believe in kids reading Harry Potter! Not that I am christian or ban the witchcraft but many kids cannot narrate nor write a review of simple story they read; they even cannot read Enid or Nancy Drew or Hardy boys nor Raold Dahl even though they buy from Bookstores like Crosswords! Those who can read are most exceptional kids I guess. Parents ever feel proud when they talk to me that their kids are reading Harry Potter but soon when they start attending my Library regularly, I find their flaws - they can't understand nor can they read the whole book!

Penguin Books India are the distributors in India and advance orders for the book were 125,000 copies.Leadings stores in Delhi & my town too reports of overwhelming response. So, I gather the copies are selling but hey, I wonder, why can't Indian bookstores held competitions like the below Book 'Harry Potter trivia n puzzles, that these books are really read?

The Ultimate Unofficial Harry Potter Trivia Book by Daniel Lawrence:
The book gives new, fascinating details about the first six books in the series. It contains a collection of fun multiple-choice questions along with little-known information about the world’s most famous wizard. Learn the secrets behind the magic and what comes next. The Ultimate Unofficial Harry Potter® Trivia Book is the perfect companion to the entire series, says Amazon!

It's now to be seen whether Harry Potter wins over Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the movie that's released simultaneously! Kids - make your Choice! I am for Charlie.....the Raold Dahl book & the movie....LoL


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