Friday, October 03, 2003

Religion is the faith which inspires one to be truthful, to believe in God and do what is right and minimize the sins. Faith in a lifetime makes you disciplined, builds the courage, confidence and gives the strength. Religion grew as codes of conduct, as rules to keep society functioning with minimum chaos and this are quite obvious – all religions speak of what to do and what not! Humans make the classifications of religion, Hinduism, muslim, christainity and all. Do loud aartis amplified by loudspeakers and all kinds of religious rally help anyone follow faith better? Why pretend its about religion? It’s prayers maybe. A way of communicating with god and reaching his domain in a calm, spiritual area to purifiy mind, cleanse the soul. It’s a longing to free from hardships, freedom from fear, clear vision of life, pardon for sins, removal of suffering and offering gratitude for happiness.! From age old time, rulers have almost used religion as a magnet for drawing soldiers to the battlefield. As such, politicians have used religion as a weapon and motivate feelings of communalism or work in their self interest for Vote banks which hamper the nation’s secularism! The attitude should be to live and let live. Greed, temptation, gossip, bickerings, self centeredness and any evil disguises are to be overcome.

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