Saturday, October 04, 2003

Virus is sprawling on the net. Not only with the malicious attachments but in the minds of people too. The dream of a trauma free net is hazy with also the virus alerts every new day and its time netizens realize the reality and have sense of moral values and responsibility. Symantec company in its latest Internet Security Threat Report said that hackers are using "blended threats" that combine the capabilities of different types of viruses to carry out their attacks. Blended threats, which include worms that can burrow into computer systems by sending themselves over a network or attaching onto e-mail, accounted for 60 percent of malicious code submissions in the first half of 2003.Symantec's Tony Vincent says 'There's a continued focus by the bad guys on vulnerabilities based on Microsoft's Web server product and Internet Explorer and most of the attacks focus on Microsoft Corp's software which provide largest opportunity to infect large number of computers. The Blaster worm has been one example that devastated hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

Even if you encounter a ‘cyber word war’ aimed on religion in a chat room or cyber terrorism, it's best to stay cool. Its here that Tolerance implies love and not showing hatred ness in the hearts as life is a journey and never a destination. All one passes through is ‘an experience’ and finally, it’s the unconditional love that is eternal, not a relationship, pure and genuine that surrounds life. Osho said “Face it and see the truth” and life is beautiful and not a battleground, after all.

All said and done – Cyber Terrorism is on sprawl and Cyber wars on move, Virus is in the minds of Tech savvy Terrorists who have sprawled on the Internet with word wars, virus weapons and what not!

- ilaxi

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