Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Stress syndrome leads to depression making the person lost and forlorn! It is a killer disease with deadly stings to bite the victim and that victim could be anyone –You, me or us. The wisdom is to enlighten the mind as a mind in darkness is like hell. With the changing of time, there has to be a change with the change and not change after the change. However, students are caught up in the rat race of educating themselves and procuring percentages, parents caught up in the struggle to balance life and keep it on a steady pace to meet unlimited demands whereas the elderly people are in the midst of  passing through a phase of the generation gap who only need to adjust with the times. Harmony is the key and unity is the solution added with zest of love and understanding. There is a combination of external and internal factors for the cause of stress and as a matter of fact, the figures are on a rise with multiple cases of diabetes, thyroid, pressure problems, mental disorders, etc. It is the need of the hour to relax, cool down, think and Act! Utility cannot be satisfied and human mind craves for more and more. This is where you draw the line. Stop. Be Cautious. Your Life is in danger and than, if one has a healthy mind and a healthy body, one can enjoy otherwise its no use, afterall!

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