Friday, December 31, 2010

in transit - Exhibition at Amdabadni Gufa

An Exhibition is held at 'The Gallery', Amdabad ni Gufa from 4th January to 9th January 2011. 'in transit' a journey that creates an undertone of new discoveries and distractions - will display recent works by Ayesha Parikh (photographs) and Amruta Shah (painted collages).

Both works focus on the concept of being 'in transit' as people. The duo has different exposures when combined from experiences that have played a huge role in moulding their perceptions. They have portrayed their experiences in art form on canvass with photographs by Ayesha. The painted collages by Amruta Shah are art work using mixed media.

World is changing and so is the next generation who can 'Think Big, dream big' - Ahmedabad see a host of Artists displaying their work, day in and out at various places. 'Art is where the heart is' and Ayesha and Amruta Shah just mean to reflect their inner souls and reveal their thoughts with an 'in transit' period of time.

Check in for a closer look to what today's generation vision is all about and dig in deep to corners of their souls to find solace to fulfil your heart's desire to feel the Art. Shri B V Doshi will be inaugurating the Art event. Be there to encourage Ayesha and Amruta - Ahmedabad sees a new hope to cultural vitality through Arts and Exhibitions. The Photographs and Painted collages by Amruta aim to convey Happiness, Energy, Hope and Promise - Let your future be bright with the colors and the colors of 2011 will bring in peace to you and your family.

Rush to Ahdabadni Guja 5th - 9th January 2011 and get a glimpse of these young artists. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

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Anang said...

Very articulately written, by venerable Ilaxi Patel.