Monday, December 27, 2010


IIM Conclave celebration had Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi as a Guest today in the morning hours and it was indeed a great honor for me to be present to hear his most inspiring speech. A presentation was shown on the development journey of Gujarat and the CM shared his vision of progress and development all through the years and what 2011 VGIS can further do for Gujarat in terms of economy.

Listen to the speech here at CM's website.

What amazed me was a small child standing beside his dad and keenly listening to the CM speech. He clapped when the audience clapped and especially, when the CM spoke of Empowerment of children and that he would like to have the cars stopped on the roads when children are crossing the road. CM further said, areas like Law Garden should be only children areas for a day where they can freely play games like cricket, etc.

Mr. Narendra Modi spoke of Industries, Agriculture and Service sector - all three areas which are focused for development of Gujarat. For more, listen to the speech on his website.

In the Vote of Thanks, Mr. Amal Dhruv of IIM said, "CM's speech is an inspiring speech, energizing all and so gracefully charging all youth, men and women.The participation of IIM with government will bring in greater results." He gave a call for participation for all those who would devote time and contribute their share for the development of Gujarat.

Well, the coming VGIS 2011 and we are sure that Gujarat is on the World Map again - the IIMA joining the Government in its journey to success is sure to scale to heights.

- ilaxi

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