Monday, October 18, 2010

Swarnim Navratri 2010 ends!

Swarnim Gujarat Navratri 2010 which also marked the golden jubilee of Gujarat came to an end and I am sure many of you must have attended the same if you are in Ahmedabad.

The Navratri Festival was organized at GMDC Grounds at Memnagar from 8-16 October and was known as Ahmedabad's CWG! Participated by top Industrial houses and supported by Guj State, the event marked as the world's longest dance festival with tourist attraction - over 40,000 people attended the event which included 18 ambassadors from countries like Nepal, Albania, Peru, Cambodia, Ukraine, etc. The venue saw a huge concert stage with non stop garba dance and folk dance performance, huge photo gallery of Gujarat, theatre show, theme pavillion with Champaner gallery (world heritage site) and other heritage places,the then and now places of Ahmedabad in huge photo frames and much more of Tourism with the Amitabh Bacchan campaign stealing the show as it attracted the audience. The handicrafts with craft bazaar, food outlets, games and adventure sports, fireworks, fountains and lighting were the major attraction.
As usual, I had a casual stroll but the feeling this time turned sour! The reason was Management - mis-Management - in the sense that it could be a chaos on the last day with thousands of people thronging to see the Gujarat glimpse. One can spot the masses and no classes - Free never has value, I guess. It did offer free entertainment and glimpse into what you all did not know about Gujarat.

The navratri ends but not too soon as you can always look for more to come with the Vibrant Summit 2011 on 12-13th January and the Kite Festival too.

- ilaxi

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