Monday, October 18, 2010

Kadva Patel Parivar Mahila Vikas - for Patel Women

Are you a Patel? Here is your door to join the Kadva Patidar Parivar Mahila Vikas Organization headed by President Kala Amin. The wing works for the benefit of all Kadva Patel women, highlights on programs that focus on overall development of women and builds a community to stay aware, gain knowledge and get entertainment with value programs. Formed in April 1984 with minimum 25 women, the group now is vast extended with thousands of Patel women joining the organization. Health camps, entertainment, arts and crafts demonstrations, recipe demos, picnics, religious tours, etc are enjoyed by many.

The Navratri ends - but still you have a chance here with this Organization as they will celebrate the Navratri Festival Garba on 20th October 2010. Known as 'Rangtali', the event is held at D K Patel Hall, Naranpura, Ahmedabad at 8.30. All can participate as it is not restricted for only Patels - All you need is to collect passes from Kalaben Amin (Kaneesha Boutique, C G Road, Ahmedabad).

As for Kala Amin, she is a dynamic personality and I am sure, many would love to visit her boutique on C G Road or just go online to - Kalaben is an active social worker and connected to Lions, GCCI BWW as Past Chairperson and even head several other groups.

So, get women join the Kadva Patel Parivar Mahila Vikas - strictly patel members - But for Navratri, head on for the passes, Enjoy!

- ilaxi


preeti said...

Kalaben always a role model perfect leader eventhough not patel I have been part of many of your kadva patel parivar mahila vikas activities very enthusiastic group my all the very best for forth coming Rangtali garba event would surely be part of the event too......... looking forward to meeting u and illaxiben too...

mahrook said...

A Woman who truly beleives in Women Empowerment.

ilaxi said...

Thanks Preeti and Mahrook for your wonderful comments. Women has the power within. And, I am happy Kalaben has been a source of Inspirations to many women esp. the Kadva Patel Parivar - Patels rock:-)