Thursday, March 11, 2010

Advaniji says on his blog "It's time for compulsory voting" - The idea of CM Narendra Modi's initiative has a supported voice. Gujarat has introduced this measure for all local body elections. The law has been passed by the State Assembly, but it is still to be implemented. The rules etc are still being worked out, says Advaniji.

And right opined. Compulsory voting will have higher percentages from the literate, Graduates, post graduates - the youth and who have a clear voice.

Advaniji adds "Not many may be aware that as many as 25 countries inhabited by more than 700 million people today have compulsory voting even for their parliamentary election. These countries include Australia, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand and Singapore. I feel political thinkers in India also must apply their mind to this."

So, what do you say? Your Opinion, your voice always counts. The Government of Gujarat is open to voices and what better voices could it be other than yours? Do you support Compulsory voting initiative of CM Narendra Modi or you won't?

Btw, let me be honest - I never voted in my life but only after seeing the CM working wonders, I've started voting since last two years! The perspective has to change....

- ilaxi

ps. The picture of Advaniji is exclusively taken at a family function - edited and placed here.

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