Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rambling thoughts on Gujarat Development

Ahmedabad and have you arrived to a Mega city? Yet? Somewhere I read, "Every city has a page 3 culture" - I guess Ahmedabad has a 'Page 3+3+3..." culture. We need many 3 pages to speak of the glory of the city of Gujarat!

If you think I am referring to the Kankaria Lake, the BRTS service or the flyovers, you're little bit right. However, it's more about the word 'Development' - the Projects, the schemes, the initiatives. 'Apde ketla taka' is now getting to 'apan ne ketla taka' - This does not matter as long as the development process is on as Gujaratis have a vision and the future belongs to the people who beholds. 'M' is a word more popular after the word 'M' in 'Millinnium' and this M for Mega is creating waves in all Corporates, Education places and Estate-housing schemes. The word 'Charity' is freely used and the funded concepts works wonder - be it economy housing schemes for low class or education for deprived.

The present is ever greeting the past in different ways with the traditional gujarati ways stepping a comeback to urban homes. The city has got Entrepreneurial spirits which ticks off to global map.

Lacking is Traffic management - any other? mindsets of people and man power with professional polished skills. The weakest part is lacking in 'English language skills' and also fail to preserve its own traditional mother tongue 'Gujarati' language. We can go on....if we ever try to find many of them for which we can't blame the government all the time!

Well, We got to think Positive and focus on present and future. What is so unique about all the developments is 'Governance' - And, Gujarat is # 1 in Governance - fifth time in six years!Gujarat CM's statements, critical or appreciative, are noted seriously. No other CM has made political presence of Gujarat felt as much in New Delhi on matters of development. No other CM has pursued such a dynamic diaspora and aggressive tourism policies.

'Chalo Gujarat' and it's development of not only Gujarat but India too. It only remains to be seen how well, the 'Good Governance' can survive amidst all the major plans and how well can tact and intelligent governance skills be used for 'Swarnim Gujarat. - a Golden Gujarat where Life is a celebration.

Watch this space even though I post random now as more to focus on ramblings of thought about my loving land Gujarat and stay tuned to Kidsfreesouls for info, edu, entertainment and my Blog world. You can look forward for some news too....

- ilaxi

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