Friday, October 07, 2005

Recently, I got this Spotlight Review Badge at Amazon.Check it out with the book link below. You know what's Spotlight means? It's blowing my own trumpet that yeah, customers of Amazon read this review and rate it as it's helpful to them and decide upon whether to buy this book or not.

Well, well, the picture below you see is just stunning, of the man who stole maps. Now, don't you think face is revealing features and your very own expression says a lot. I've done a research on voice and aaah, a voice vibrates echoes and you can decide upon the voice how a person is. The same way, its the Body Language and this is well said in this Book. Grab a copy...Any Allan+Barbara Pease is great to Read and even Gift it.

My Dadaji wrote a Book in Gujarati and I got it in print around 100 copies only for private circulation. Maybe, if I ever get a chance, I will upload some extracts of the same - This one too, is on Facial appearance and Body movements explained with figures!

Anyways, here's the review....

Body Language by Allan + Barbara Pease
Review by ilaxi

I got this book a year ago and indeed this book is a reflection of the soul! What people say to us is different from what they think and feel! With Body language wiz by Allan Pease, one can correctly interpret other people's thoughts by their gestures. This book has quick references as 'How To' :

1. Find out if someone is lying
2. How to be more likeable to others
3. How to get cooperation
4. How to successfully conduct interviews and handle business negotiations
5. How to pick up a partner

More n more - What I like about this marvellous book of Allan is the illustrated Gestures. The eye signals and Hand-to-face gestures are simply terrific illustrated readings and Allan sure has deep roots to indepth study of Body Language, it seems. Hand and arm gestures,way of using cigars,cigerettes, glasses, head gestures, courtship gestures and signals and more wide areas are selected which is very interesting. A good Interesting read and good to explore.

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