Friday, October 14, 2005

I read the headlines 'Apathetic Amdavadis fail to vote' - Now, it should be read 'Amdavadis wanted to Vote but had to return from Polling Booth cause their names were removed from the List' - Yes, this is what has happened in the A.G High School Voting booth, Shahpur and many other booths where names of all residents of many societies were removed and they could not vote because their names were no more listed. One can say 'Jinnah in Pakistan but Ahmed Patel in Ahmedabad. It is heard that Sonia Gandhi's political secretary Ahmed Patel who camped in Ahmedabad, claimed that the party would win 65 seats at least. Yeh toa hoga hi bhai....saaf baat hai - When the records are swindled, half of the people had to go back home without Voting.

It is said, only 35-36 per cent of the 29.9 lakh voters in Ahmedabad had actually turned up to vote for the AMC polls. Shame on such Polls! BJP accuses of the devious acts of Congress and vice versa - all a 'Game of Politics' - Beware of Politicians!!!

Osho said ‘If politicians disappear, there is no need for nations’ and if we think over this we do have a say here that ‘If politicians wish to make this world a paradise, sure it is in their hands – just they have to Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached like Swami Vivekanand said!


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