Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last three days I've been a Book worm as I have three books in a row to read:

The Broker by John Grisham
Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel
Storms In the Sea Win by Alam Srinivas

Now, the reason I picked up Alam's book was because I been on Stock Watch - Nah, I don't have a Stock Portfolio but sure, alert over the stock prizes, rise and fall!

STOCK WATCH: Today's Closing:(10th August 2005)

RIL 719
REL 620
IPCL 185

So, if you're into it, check out those News that trigger around!!!

Storms In the Sea Wind by Alam Srinivas:
Review by ilaxi

A blow-by-blow account of the Ambani saga by Alam Srinivas, Business Editor, Outlook, who has tracked the Reliance group for twenty years. Residing in Delhi, he has focused on investigative pieces exposing corporate corruption and the nexus between big business and politics. Since 1986, he has written dozens of articles on the Reliance group and the various controversies that gripped the Ambani family.

"Rule 1. Identify your stock. Rule 2. It’s all about the timing. Timing of what to pick and when to sell."

Storms in the Sea Wind - an interesting story of intrigue, deceit and drama.

A read for Corporate world, Management students and all those involved with the Share Bazaar!!! Corporate world & the Tricks of the trade! A thrilling involvement of most of contemporary India's Business and Political players.

The book has a rather interesting reveal where Pramod Mahajan is described as one “who was accused of being close to Mukesh and who vehemently denied it”, Shankar Adwal as “Mukesh’s chief lobbyist in Delhi, he constantly lamented...that the two Ambanis were fighting so openly” and Prem Chand Gupta as “the minister for company affairs who never revealed his true cards... and kept changing his stance regularly”.

Did ever Dhirubhai Ambani know about the tensions between his two sons, Mukesh and Anil?

Did the patriarch merge RIL and Reliance Petroleum to prevent a future split in the Reliance group?

What were the reasons for the frenetic growth of the Ambanis in just about three decades and the subsequent division in less than three years after Dhirubhai’s death?

What were Dhirubhai’s traits that kept the Ambani family together?

What were the differences in Mukesh’s and Anil’s personalities that led to their falling apart?

Did mother Kokilaben play a role in bringing about a truce between her two sons?

How was the seven-month-old war between Mukesh and Anil fought?

Roli Books presentation, (Rs.250/-) and around 240 pages read - When I got to read the reviews, its been an interesting information pick. Stop, Think and Step into the Share Bazaar arena with the Ambani picks!!!

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- ilaxi

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