Sunday, August 07, 2005

All our friends light the candle of our life with warmth and happiness. Sometimes, face to face, its hard to say the things we could but between Good Friends, unspoken thoughts are always understood. And then “Silence speaks a thousand words” This Friendship day, I wish all Readers “Happy Friendship Day” and may this small prayer build our spirits to spread love, faith, peace and unity among human beings.

God Make me worthy.........

It is joy in life to find at every turning of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind,
To help me with my onward load,
And since I have no gold to give,
'Tis love alone must make amends,
My only Prayer is while I live
"God Make me worthy of my Friends"

I believe that its
God’s might to direct us,
God’s power to protect us,
God’s wisdom for learning,
God's eye for discerning,
God's ear for hearing
God’s love for Caring.

So, keep the love, keep friendship, Keep Faith in God’s Caring.
Keep the Faith!

This book makes one a warmer and a more loving, caring and understanding person.Difference of opinions always occur but a friendly encounter makes a better communicative efforts to bond together in unity. Whether it is a son, hubby, family, friend or even aquaintance, this book provides essential tips with anecdotes to resolve tension in relationships. It has a clear message flow that Friendship is the intensity of the love that leaves behind trails of sweet memories to cherish the core of life giving a whole new meaning to it. The enigma of friendship strengthens with the bonds of relationships so unique which is unselfish, intimate, pure and beautiful. Learning to appreciate, speak out on issues, Listening, confide and sharing secrets, meeting of wavelengths and such deeper corners are focused for a caring friendly relationship with the people you love most. The Art of Forgiveness is one chapter which is very thought oriented that helps change Attitude to bring about a difference to be friendly. Friendship hurts as of many reasons but the author 'Alan' reveals the tact and provide clues for enjoying joys of Friendship.

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- ilaxi

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