Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Four days off from the world wide web and its been a pleasant and wonderful experience for me to see the RKB (Rajiv K. Bajaj) Sahara show with the so serene and suave 'Shammi Kapoor'. I do have my own Inspirational Role model in Music and fond of Hindi & western movies. Therefore, slip off to be glued to my Television set and ban the net sometimes. Believe me, this is a great change for the net surfer stress syndrome!


Seeing an Interview was out of a different world coz Shammi Kapoor left an impression at the end of a show which really did leave a message for all of us to learn. He been cool and composed as he dig into the past memories of his life and as he spoke, he left the viewers to pass through all the moods - happy, thoughtful, dreamy, concerned, worried, sad, helpless, passionate, hopeful.....and so on....! RKB had the mixed bag of questions and I guess, this would be his memorable interview. Shammi Kapoor seemed an intelligent, well learned, practical and a god fearing person who passed through a lot of ups and downs, a person who experienced Life in every original form. His expressions left marks that any person would love to respect him and keep interacting for hours. And wasn't he the one who was used Mac and still does,who got a first car - a convertible Buick (second hand) and a person who sang romantic songs in movies - yet today, yeah, it's a dream for us too to see and believe that he is the same person! He talked of his guru whom he did not wish to meet yet circumstances made him see him and lo, he got clad in the saffron and rudraksh! I guess it's the Power of Meditation and we miss out these things with the urban lifestyles.

But then, I did hear someone mention that recently 'Urban lifestyles is killing today's Younger Generation' - A lot of Stress and people hardly have time to breathe! That's Life, maybe.

- ilaxi

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