Thursday, March 17, 2005

Osho said ‘If politicians disappear, there is no need for nations’ and if we think over this we do have a say here that ‘If politicians wish to make this world a paradise, sure it is in their hands – just they have to Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached like Swami Vivekanand said! But, afterall, in the first instance the goal is to be set in the right direction as where there is no vision, the people perish!

The recent Anti-CM Narendra Modi campaign is on 'Hate-Group' List getting him into Visa trouble. As more than 2000 people signed the Petition, all reminds is one of my articles on Politicians. Gosh, Should say, these people are real Orators!

Leave them aside, Here's a review of 'Leadership Pill' By Ken Blanchard.

The Leadership Pill

Ken Blanchard & Marc Muchnick shows the Business Managers at any level how to apply the Right Techniques for getting both results and commitment of their people especially when the pressures of performance rise high. The message is clear with the Pill Techniques that Leadership skills come with experience and is not an overnight success (a quick dose of pill formula don't work that heightens the leader's powers!) The book is in parable form of competition of two leaders with different management styles. A supporting, inspiring and motivating Leader can bring out the best with right ingredients of integrity, affirmation and partnership. There aren't quick solutions with pill technique but leadership skills require thoughtful implementations to encourage team spirits for successful results. Day to day workplace situation requires trust and respect and it is well spread a message by the authors to Leaders, as how to gain the team's confidence to derive positive and profitable results. The Book is great read and itself serve as power pill with right ingredients. A nice read & well focused on leadership skills.

- ilaxi

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