Friday, March 18, 2005

Did I not speak of Politicians yesterday? Now that CM Narendra Modi is in total charge of self control with the Press Conferences seen on Television today, he sure has his own say and no doubt, he is a good Orator! No Foreign land has a right of Indulgence! The External Affairs Minister summons the US Ambassador and now lets wait for the further scoop...Till then, here's Yahoo for You!

Now that you know you can add my Feeds to Read in your RSS Feed Reader, you can set up to read in 'My Yahoo' and make this a Homepage. But the Best news around is Yahoo is gonna come Live with Yahoo! 360°, you'll have one place to keep the important people in your life connected to you. And one place for you to stay connected to them. The feature makes you easily invite your friends and family, very easy to plug all of your people in. With just a few clicks you can invite any -- or everyone from your Yahoo! Messenger friends list, your Yahoo! Address Book or (after beta) from Microsoft Outlook to connect to you.

Called Yahoo 360°, the new service will include a wide range of offerings including blogs and photo sharing. The most interesting aspect of the offering looks to be the way in which all the elements are tightly integrated into a broad social network service where you will be able to easily share and exchange information, chats, files, etc, with family and friends.

Isn't this gonna be great for the chatty Lovers? Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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