Friday, March 11, 2005

Launching "Sambhaav Metro"

Sambhaav Group of Newspapers has decided to relaunch the broadsheet newspaper as a tabloid,Afternoon Newspaper, named "Sambhaav Metro".Mr. Narendra Modi, the CM will preside to grace the function and Launch 'Sambhaav Metro' in Ahmedabad on 12th March 2005. “The Sambhaav Metro will be a tabloid sized newspaper with 24 pages, which can be raised to 48. It will be priced at Re.1/-. To begin with, the newspaper will be launched with a circulation of between 50,000 and one lakh copies,” says Bhupatbhai Vadodaria, Editor of the Sambhaav Group. 18 years ago, on March 12, Sambhaav was launched in Ahmedabad. The new newspaper will have the latest news, will cover a variety of subjects, special stories and the likes. The new venture is also expected to have a lot of city news and have features such as book review, lighter reading material and an interactive session where noted personalities reply to queries of readers. There are more than three pages allocated to business with primary focus on the trading community. There would be pages on women's interests and on spirituality too.


The online website sambhaav will continue with the news and other features as usual. It is expected that due to print changes, the online readers might face font problems for a short while till we come out with the web font conversion. It’s the Human relations that counts for a ‘Team Work’ as we focus more on ‘We’ rathar than ‘I’ and the secrets of a longstanding successive years as they roll by are based on the developed ‘Strengths’ – the inner power of managing to achieve Excellence with a dash of determination and confidence to reach the goals. We thank all readers for your continued support and look forward for your further association so that we can bring the best news 'Sambhaav Metro' to all.


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